Student News

Armed Forces Intensive Virtual Seminars 2021 

Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

Stratford Business School will be running intensive Virtual Seminars during 2021. These total immersion events last five days and offer the opportunity to complete a substantial part of the level 7 Extended Diploma through a combination of videos, Zoom meetings and tutor support.
Seminar dates will appear here as soon as they are formalised.

Pearson level 7 Extended Diploma – Unit update January 2021 

Following a review of the qualification by Pearson, the syllabus content of the Extended Diploma has been reorganised into six Units. The course title, course code, credit points and content all remain the same. The syllabus content has simply been aligned with the six Unit PGDip programmes typically offered by Universities.

The six new Unit titles are:

Strategic Leadership and Management
Strategic Change Management
Research Methods
Strategic Marketing Management
Financial Principles and Techniques for the Strategic Manager
Project Management – The Strategic Perspective

The changes will only affect students registered after January 1st 2021. If you were registered before that date your version of the course will continue and you have two more years in which to finish the assignments. The Title of the qualification and the post nominals PGDip will remain exactly the same for the ten Unit and six Unit iterations of the course.